MISSION STANDARD “Calder Style” Bushings

Mission Rubber EASTERN STANDARD Bushings

“Calder Style” bushings connect Clay, Plastic or Cast Iron to any other pipe. For non-pressure, gravity flow applications only. Recommended for underground installations. Primarily used in the Western United States. Easy to use. Multiple sizes from 4” to 12”.

Mission Rubber EASTERN STANDARD Bushings

MISSIONMADE™ products are easy to install and reuse.

  1. EASY

MISSION STANDARD “Calder Style” Bushings

MR PartPartDescriptionCase Qty.Case Wt. (lbs.)Price
05024194" CI to 2" CI bushings45$3.85
05024274" SCH 40 PL to 2" SCH 40 PL bushings45$3.85
05034174" CI to 3" CI bushings45$3.75
05034254" SCH 40 PL to 3" SCH 40 PL bushings45$3.75
05044154" CI bushings45$2.30
05044234" SCH 40 PL bushings45$2.30
05044314" AC/ DI/Orangeburg bushings45$2.30
05045064" TWP bushings1$2.30
05064106" CI bushings2514.08$9.90
05064286" PL/IPS bushings2511.25$9.90
05064366" AC/DI/Orangeburg bushings14$9.90
05084168" CI bushings14$16.20
05084248" AC/DI/Orangeburg bushings9$16.20
051041210" CI bushings4$24.60
051241812" CI bushing8$32.75
051242612" AC/DI/Orangeburg bushing45$32.75