Thank You!

Because of You – 60 Years, U.S. Made

At Mission Rubber, 60 years has taught us that continually striving to produce and offer exceptional products is very important, and that valuing relationships are key to our success. Mission has planted roots and continued to grow as a pioneering manufacturer of rubber products in the State of California, in the good old U.S.A., in-spite of ever-evolving challenges.

What is our secret? YOU! From our Vendors that supply us with quality, domestic raw materials to our Employees who believe in our mission of making quality, U.S. made products; many of whom have been a part of the Mission family for 40 plus years.

Our Manufacturing Representatives have always played a critical role in introducing, establishing and growing Mission products in markets throughout the country and internationally. From a few years to a few decades of association, we extend our gratitude. Likewise, the Wholesale Distributors who have stocked their shelves with our products for decades – from Mom & Pops, to the Multi-Nationals – we are grateful.

We greatly value the Engineers, Contractors and Municipalities for your specification and reliance on Mission quality performance. And to those of you who have insisted on “Mission Only” as part of your projects, loaded your trucks, climbed the scaffolds, and jumped into the trenches, your value is equally acknowledged.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all of YOU, and our local Community, for being a vital part of our 60 years! As we continue to reflect on years past and the important role all have played in this journey, we will continue to strive to be… connected, for good™.